[Bloominglabs-announce] Exciting news: Bloominglabs has a new home!!

dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Thu Jun 26 15:31:42 EDT 2014

Good news everyone,

Bloominglabs has signed a lease for a 3100 square foot warehouse on South Rogers Street! We will be officially moved in by August 1st.

This move is in cooperation with the City of Bloomington. As part of the Switchyard Park project the city has purchased a lot which includes several warehouses, one of which will be ours. This location will allow easy access to the B-Line Trail and is just down the street from Sweet Grass Restaurant and the Community Kitchen. For those that know the area, currently the property has a number of shipping containers on it, however the owner of the containers is moving them out and they should all be gone within a few more months.

This new space has ample parking, offers MUCH easier access from downtown Bloomington, and as mentioned earlier is very near the B-Line Trail. And of course the main feature is that it will be more than DOUBLE our current square footage. 

Over the next month we will be making changes to the warehouse to facilitate our use of it. We could use assistance sourcing cheap materials, if anyone has a lead on the following items it would be helpful:

* Cheap or used building supplies, we need to build walls (2x4's, plywood, drywall, etc)
* Used/cheap 4' fluorescent lighting fixtures (8' fixtures would be acceptable too)
* Used/cheap electrical conduit, Romex (AC wiring), etc

For questions, comments, and leads on the above materials please let us know at contact at bloominglabs dot org. You can see a satellite view of the location here:



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