2015-08-05 meeting minutes

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In Attendence: Vic & Hans, Nick, Steve, Derek, Joey, Daniel, Zach, Kyle, Nathan, Apple, Jenett, Karl

Large Donation

power company in CA donated many small comps

  • Must wipe the ssd on each one
  • powered from 8-19V 2A
  • Company will do a press release, probably should modify
  • Jenett is taking ideas to put in the press release

Lift position

Immediately called to a vote

Mayoral Visit

Democratic candidate for mayor will vist tonight

  • Want him to know of and about us
  • Republican candidate may come in the future

Mayors Maker Initiative

  • Louiseville's mayor is president's makerspace adivisor

Switchyard Park

  • We may get to stay
  • Whoever tuns park facilities will want to make money; unsure if we can afford it
  • people knowing of us helps us in the long run

Future Events

August 22nd - Resale Trail

  • Will be listed on their advertising
  • Members can sell things at Bloominglabs
  • Nathan will provide materials for free popcorn, B-labs can sell soda/water

August 29th - Makevention

  • vonulteer needed for bloominglabs booth
  • Laser will be there
  • agreement with convention center for filtration


position 1: ~45° angle from garage door

  • In Favor: Daniel, Kyle, Nick, Vic, Steve, Nathan, Apple, Joey, Zach, Allen (by email), and Karl

position 2: Straight back from garage door

  • In Favor: Jenett, Neal, Derek