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These are tools and supplies available to Bloominglabs members. Pretty much all of the bench-top and larger tools are owned by members and kept in the space for use by other members. If you are unsure of how to use a tool or want to learn more please grab someone and we'll guide you in the right direction. General safety documentation for common power tools is kept in the black cabinet in the shop area (along with MSDS sheets). Also note that this page is generally out of date, if you are interested in something specific and don't see it here ask us about it.

Reminder: this list is often out of date. For the most up-to-date information about what tools we have and what condition they are in contact us and inquire or stop in during public hours and ask around.

Power Tools & Heavy Equipment

We require a brief safety-qualifications walk through before using any power tools in the space.


  • drill presses
  • chop saw
  • table saw
  • 9" band saw (wood, plasic, & light metal)
  • Scroll Saw
  • bench-top router table (with router)
  • table-top sander
  • wood lathe
  • 12" planer (being restored)
  • 4" jointer (being restored)
  • corded and cordless drills
  • dremel(s) with a complete set of accessories


  • bench grinders
  • Atlas lathe (30" between centers, see Atlas_Lathe_Restoration)
  • generic 20" metal lathe
  • Mill
  • metal cutting band saw, 5"x6" cutting area, w/auto-shutoff
  • metal chop saw
  • oxy-acetylene torch
  • TIG welder - Miller Syncrowave 350 with pulser, spot timer, etc.
  • MIG welder - Millermatic 250
  • Arc welder - Miller stick welder
  • Hypertherm Drag-gun 38 plasma cutter (self contained air compressor)
  • Speedway 1404 30-Amp Spot Welder


  • soldering irons (variable temp)
  • hot air rework station
  • smoke absorber
  • soldering supplies (solder, desoldering braid, sponges, ect)
  • large quantity of hand tools (pliers and sidecuts)
  • Ballantine 3028A bench multimeter
  • various digital and analog handheld multimeters
  • BK model 1601 2A 0-50V variable bench DC power supply
  • Topward 3306D 6A 0-30V variable bench DC power supply
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Picoammeter
  • Sweep/Function Generator
  • solderless breadboards
  • Arduino clones
  • Heathkit ET-3100 Digital design system
  • Heathkit ET-3200 Analog design system
  • AVR tools
    • USBTiny programmers
    • ATMega8 and ATtiny2313 chips
    • buttons, 5v regulators, and other supplies
  • hot air guns

Automated Manufacturing

Crafting Equipment

Sewing Machines

Office Equipment

Other Equipment

Borrowable Equipement

  • Keg tap: contact Kyle