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Operation Qualification

We have a qualification process which was vetted over much discussion of the member community to ensure our lift is only used in a safe manor. Lift rules are posted on the lift, and vehicle damage liability waivers must be filled out in order to use our lift. Also, we have a strict Fluids-In, Fluids-Out policy. In short, any vehicle fluids must be removed along with the vehicle to ensure Bloominglabs does not accumulate waste fluids to be disposed of.


Abbreviated rules: Only members may operate our car lift. However, members may operate the lift on behalf of non-members, so this is still a community resource. The vehicle owner must ALWAYS have a vehicle damage waiver on file, in addition to the general personal injury liability waiver. Vehicles must not be left lifted unattended, and ample communication needs to occur of a vehicle is going to be on the lift over night. Lift operator is required to ensure a safe perimeter around their lifted vehicle, especially if there are children in the space during operation. Loss of lift access will occur if all lift rules are not followed. The full list of rules must be read before members may become qualified on the lift and receive the pass code to unlock the power control box.


Signs about lift usage are also required to be posted in order to satisfy Bloominglabs having the car lift. These need to be posted on or near the lift.