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Our non-profit status

Our full name is "Bloominglabs Incorporated" and we are a charitable non-profit incorporated within the State of Indiana. We have 501(c)3 status through the IRS which can be confirmed with this link.

How we process monetary donations

We can directly receive cash donations and issue tax-deductible receipts. Please note that membership dues are NOT tax deductible and should not be sent as a donation.

Donations by check:

  • Checks and money orders must be made out to "Bloominglabs Incorporated"
  • If sending by mail, please use our P.O. box listed on our Location page.

Donations by PayPal:

This PayPal button may be used to make donations online:

  • Donors may choose to identify the purpose of the donation somewhere in the system - but this is not required.
    • Ex: Does the donor expect their donation to be used for a specific event or purpose? If so, they need to note that as a comment. Otherwise, funds will be directed for any purpose needed by Bloominglabs.
  • PayPal takes 2-3% off the top of all donations it processes online

Amazon Smile

We have an Amazon Smile Account For Bloominglabs. Using this link to place an order on Amazon allows us to get a small cut of the purchase price. This does not cost you anything.

How we process hardware donations

We can take in-kind hardware donations and issue tax deductible receipts.It is also important to note here that we need to be selective now, that is to say that we should not accept any more busted inkjet printers and the like. However working tools and useful donations are accepted. Paper donation forms are kept on a clip-board near the main entry way.

  • The donor must determine a reasonable and appropriate value for the item, Bloominglabs can not provide this.
  • Suggestions: Check or for similar items
  • Account for the age of the item when determining its value
  • Give the donor the receipt, Bloominglabs retains the carbon-copy


A pad of carbon-paper receipts for donations can be found on a clipboard on the left as you walk in the front door. Receipts are required for donations with a value over $250.