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This is a list of skills and gear that people can make available to the hacker space and it's members once it's established.



Skills and services for offer:

  • The FOOLS would be happy to install/upgrade additional locks and physical security for the hacker space
  • Time and effort in establishing and maintaining the business entity
  • General electronics experience, soldering, Arduino projects, TTL digital electronics, AIX/Linux sysadmin experience, website CMS setup and maintenance, lock picking/physical security, audio/video editing and equipment, welding, automotive systems, OBDII, licensed ham, X10 home automation, yada yada yada.

Gear for donation:

  • 8' x 4' white board, with rigging ready to hang from a ceiling or wall
  • HP LaserJet IV? B&W laser printer
  • several 15" to 17" displays from around my house, probably some computers too
  • RS/6000 7012/320 (Power CPU, AIX 4.1) with 19" display
  • general spare parts (electronics, tools, etc)

Gear for indefinite loan:

  • bench grinder
  • Makita cordless drill
  • Geeks Unleashed arcade cabinet (A former MKII cabinet running Mame)
  • robotic tape library, 5U rack-mount, needs 8mm tape drives and tapes (SCSI attached, robot works great under Fedora 3)
  • possibly a 36U rack
  • AS/400 9401-150 - a fully functional AS/400 for those that want to learn OS/400 (AKA iSeries, i5/OS, or "IBM i" as of April 2009)


Skills and services for offer:

Gear for Donation:

Gear for indefinite loan:

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