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(Possible Sponsors)
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* Local beer and wine making companies
* Local beer and wine making companies
* Cook
* Cook
* Woodworking groups
* Weavers
== Contacts ==
== Contacts ==

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We have two mailing lists setup, a committee list for those who wish to help put this event together and an announcement list for those who want to be notified of official details of the event. Please feel free to join in!

Current Activities

  • A budget (Therese)
  • A list of groups to approach about sponsoring Makevention (Everyone!)
  • Getting a public website up
  • Getting an application online for exhibitors (Jenett)
  • Talking to Visit Bloomington about advertising (Jenett)
  • Designing a logo


  • Convention Center - cost $2,000
    • Also use the parking lot across the B-Line and the parking lot across College
    • Also use the B-Line


  • The winner is August 24th

Name Ideas

  • Makevention <- this is our winner!

Organizing Team

  • Jenett Tillotson from Bloominglabs
  • Therese Miller from IU
  • Steve Backs from the Monroe County Public Library


  • LVL1
  • Hive13
  • Wonderlab
  • Indiana Filmmakers Network
  • Bloomington Print Collective
  • Bloomington and IU Amateur Radio Clubs
  • Nicole Jacquard/IU's fab lab
  • Cold Hard Art (the dude that sold us the mill)
  • Charlie Peck/LittleFe
  • Lego League (maybe have a Lego League competition)
  • MIT SeaPerch
  • Local FIRST robotics teams
  • IU EOT teams
  • Trained Eye Arts
  • Indy makers/Club Cyberia

Possible Events

  • Power Wheels Race
  • Lego League Competition
  • Circuit Bending
  • Thursday night music event at the Bluebird
  • Open houses at local makers space in Bloomington on Friday night
    • Bloominglabs
    • Trained Eye Arts
    • Bloomington Print Collective
    • Ecovillage
  • Saturday night Par-Tay at Bloominglabs


Possible Sponsors

  • Crane's STEM group
  • PTI
  • Local beer and wine making companies
  • Cook
  • Woodworking groups
  • Weavers


  • Mike McAfee, Executive Director, Visit Bloomington, mike ]at[ visitbloomington ]dot[ com
  • Laura Newton, Assistant Directory, Visit Bloomington, laura ]at[ visitbloomington ]dot[ com
  • Talisha Coppock, Executive Director, Convention Center, tcoppock ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com
  • Zoe Monts, Sales and Event Assistant, Convention Center, zoe ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com


  • $300 plus $35 to add the Convention Center as an insured.
  • Through M.J. Scheutz (Bloominglabs' insurance broker) and Cincinnati Insurance Company
  • Policy will be written August 1st (or sooner if the CC requires it)
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