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Welcome to Bloominglabs, Bloomington's Hackerspace. For members, this document is here to help you integrate into our group as easily as possible. For non-members, you can see if becoming a member is something you might be interested in.

Your Role (as a Member)

  • Read the Bylaws(TBA)
  • Come to open meetings on Wednesdays as often as you can
  • Meet Everyone
  • Come to a workshop and learn something new
  • Build something awesome
  • Ask Questions!


What you get as a paying member:

  • A key for access to the Bloominglabs Space outside of meeting hours
  • Access to tools and supplies in the Bloominglabs Space
  • Free access to all Bloominglabs workshops
  • Storage area (shelf+tub) to keep projects safe while not working on them
  • Access to the Bloominglabs members-only mailing list
  • Access to Bloominglabs servers for projects
  • Access to group buys on tools and supplies
  • A good feeling for supporting a good cause :-)

Facility Operations

Hours of Operation

The Bloominglabs Space is housed within the Collaboration Room maintained by Matthew Searl. Bloominglabs is accessible to members from 8am to 12pm 7 days a week. Quiet hours are 10pm to midnight. The Collaboration Room is also Matthew's home, as such we need to be good room-mates. If you need to access the space beyond those hours then arrangements should be made with Matthew.

Wednesdays we have access to the large room immediately connected to our space from 6:30pm to 10:00pm for public meetings. Workshops generally have the same arrangement, we work with Matthew to arrange dates.

Liability Waiver

YOU NEED TO SIGN ONE BEFORE YOU ENTER THE SPACE! They are conveniently located in the hanging file next to the door to our room.



Are you the curious type?

Members get free access to public workshops and supplies. Don't see a workshop on the calendar that meets your interests? Ask around and see if anyone else has an interest, you might be the last straw which makes a workshop happen.

Interested in Teaching?

  1. Read this page: Hosting workshops
  2. Pick a topic
  3. DO IT!
  4. Guage interest from the membership
  5. Pick a date (non-meeting date)
  6. Talk to a Board member to get your event advertised and put on the calendar

Safety Third

When completing your membership application you will be required to fill out a liability waiver as well as shown the location of all building exits, fire extinguishers, and the first aid kit. It is your job to watch out for your own safety.

YOU NEED TO BE QUALIFIED BEFORE YOU CAN USE ANY POWERTOOLS! You must talk to the Bloominglabs safety zsar or a qualified qualifier and take a brief safety course before you are allowed to use any power tool. Usually this is a fast process that only takes a moment of your time, and you can be qualified on multiple tools in one sitting.

Facility Resources

Our Online Resources

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