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(Project Index and Resources)
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* [[WillRobotsProjects|Will Robot's Projects]]
* [[WillRobotsProjects|Will Robot's Projects]]
* [[SorcerersProjects | Sorcerer's Projects]]
* [[SorcerersProjects | Sorcerer's Projects]]
* Jesse's Projects
** [[Restoration of Parks 95 12" surface planer]]
** [[Restoration of Craftsman 4" joiner]]
== Classes ==
== Classes ==

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Project Index and Resources


New page for our workshops: Workshops

Group Projects

Potential projects

  • design and build, and (market?) a bathroom monitor. BloomingLabs Bathroom Minder
  • build fix our RepRap
  • obtain/repair a laser etcher/cutter
  • other group projects?
  • build a LittleFe cluster, introduce it to area secondary schools.
    • LittleFe is a small educational cluster made of low-powered boards, intended to be portable and able to demonstrate how a small cluster is built and operated. Used in high schools to teach computers and clustering.
    • see http://littlefe.net/
    • M. Standish at IU is leading this project (I thought I would pitch the idea here in his behalf, hope he agrees)
    • already have possible leads on funding

Cornell AVR Projects Page

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