[Bloominglabs-announce] Amateur radio field day 6/25-6/26

Corey Shields cshields at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 08:42:54 EDT 2011

For those who might be interested in participating in national and
global amateur radio communications, come join us at Flatwoods Park in
Elletsville next weekend.  No license? No problem, we have a station
setup with someone to walk you through the steps and be the control

Operations begin at 14:00 on Saturday through about 16:00 Sunday
(yes, we tend to operate all night)

Feel free to shoot me any questions, and I hope to see some of you stop by!

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Spread the word in your neighborhood, at church, at work. Bring family
and friends and spend some time on June 25-26 at Flatwoods Park, just
northwest of Ellettsville off IN 46.

Amateur Radio hams will be control operators, offering visitors
opportunities to try HF phone, CW and PSK-31, VHF and UHF simplex, and
satelite communications, as well as a separate GOTA (Get On The Air)
HF phone station specifically dedicated to those without an Amateur
license and  hams who have been inactive. Operation will be continuous
for 24 hours beginning at 2:00 pm Saturday and closing down at 2:00 pm

Members of Bloomington Amateur Radio Club, K9IU Amateur Radio Club at
Indiana University and Bloomington HS South Amateur Radio Club will
begin erecting antennas for the VHF/UHF and three HF stations at 6:30
pm, Friday, June 4. Set-up will continue early Saturday morning with a
noon lunch break provided by the Emergency Services staff and
volunteers of the Monroe County Red Cross at noon. Dinner is sponsored
Saturday by Pizza X and breakfast Sunday by BARC.

After a day of operating and dinner on Saturday, Corey, KB9JHU ,
A.J., KC9EVU. and Dwight, WB9TLH, will be demonstrating a new
technology, Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio (D-Star),
which is quickly becoming the future of Amateur Radio.  It provides
amateurs the ability to send their voice and data simultaneousness
over the air, along with the ability to use the internet or microwave
links to send data from repeater to repeater. D-Star is an open
standard for digital voice and data, uses less bandwidth than
traditional amateur radio modes, and provides better clarity with
weaker signals. Included will be several applications for use with
EmComm events and everyday D-Star uses.  They will also discuss the
new D-Star repeater to the Bloomington area, and how you can start
using the new D-Star repeater.

D-Star :: 7:00-8:00 PM, Saturday, June 25
:: KB9JHU, Corey Shields
   KB9EVU, AJ Ragusa
   WB9TLH, Dwight Hazen, trustee of WB9TLH, K9IU repeater systems, among others

In addition, Monroe County ARES-RACES Group will conduct four
emergency communications-related forums throughout the event.
                 4:00 - 5:00 pm   ::    Build and Take a Dual-Band
2m/440 Collinear Antenna
                                               WB9HXP Richard Landgrebe
                 8:00 - 9:00 pm   ::    The Magic of Repeater Operations
                                               WB9VPG Neil Rapp
                 11:00-Noon       ::    ARES-RACES Emergency
Operations in Monroe County
                                               KB9RVB Carl Zager

Carl Zager
EMA RACES Radio Officer
for Monroe County, Indiana, USA

Corey Shields

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