[Bloominglabs-announce] Meeting tonight! And there are still openings for the soldering workshop

S Charlesworth mistasteve at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 14:54:32 EST 2012


We are having our usual public meeting tonight at 7pm at the space. Please
drop in if you have the time and inclination to do so!

Also, I wanted to mention we have openings for both sessions of the
soldering workshop. Part I is next Tues 6:30pm-9pm and Part II is Feb 28
(the following Tues) at the same time. You'll get to make a kit to take
home in both workshops, and you can sign up for either part or both as your
interest and skill level and so forth goes.

We're experimenting with being a re-seller for adafruit, so we'll have a
limited supply of TV-B-Gones and a couple other kits for those interested
(for additional cost). We will also have these available for purchase at
meetings in the future. Not tonight though, we haven't got the shipment yet.

More info on the workshops:


Thanks and see you there,

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