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The last IU Makes of this semester is Thursday, April 11th at 5:30pm at the
CIB. Bloominglabs' member Will Byrd will be there showing off his mad
skills with 3D printing and Arduinos. Hope to see you there!


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 *I apologize in advance if you are rec'ving this email more than once - *
*As our numbers continue to grow we are **happy to present the Last Lecture
for the spring **semester on Thurs April 11th.*


*Plans are already underway for a FULL line up in the Fall of 2013
including talks, more hands-on demonstrations as well as workshops.  We are
always wanting feedback of what YOU would like to **see and experience so
if you have any ideas **please attend any of the events and/or email: *

*indianaumakes at gmail.com*


*Thursday April 11th* *5:30 - 6:30 pm*
IQ Wall - Lobby Area
Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB)
2709 E. 10th Street <http://it.iu.edu/cib/>

 *Charolett Paul* - Local Artist, who uses glass to create public art and
outline a project that needs specialized skills in LED's and Computers. She
is looking for someone who has this expertise and would be interested
in collaborating
on the project.

*Will Byrd* -  Presenting a talk on the variety of projects he has created
some of which include 3D printing and Arduinos

*3D Printing Club -- Demonstration --* Members of the 3D printing club,
Luke Patmore, James Torre, Gavin Whelan and Jordan Tritell, will provide a
demonstration of 3D printing



Are you Interested in New Technology, Rapid Prototyping, Hacker Spaces, or
Arduinos?* Or *do you you create things or want to learn more about these
processes and capabilities?

*IUMakes* is a new organization created by people from all over IU's campus
in order to share events, work produced, and highlight work being made
using innovative technologies. Our objectieves are to connect people and
give them the details about individuals, organizations, and events
happening throughout IU, the city of Bloomington, and the broader
community. We strive to develop a community of sharing, networking, and
having fun about the work that we MAKE.

Part lectures, part demonstrations, part workshops *IUMakes* is a community
of people who are interested in using innovative technologies and softwares
along with traditional tools and materials to create things.

*IUMakes* seeks to bring together these like minded researchers, students
and the public in order to:

1. Identify what is currently being created at IU and the surrounding
2. Create a forum to discuss and share the tools and technologies are being
used to make things
3. Create a network for discussion, dialogue, and possible collaboration
4. Provide opportunities for hands-on learning through digital fabrication
and prototyping

 IUMakes - Web shot.jpg


Kate Shively <http://kateshively.com/>
 Curriculum Studies Ph.D. Student, Indiana
Graduate Research Assistant
1900 E. 10th Street
Eigenmann 529
Bloomington, IN 47405
SOE main line: 812-856-8500

 If you just learn a single trick...you'll get along a lot better with all
kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider
things from his point of view...until you climb inside of his skin and walk
around in it. - Harper Lee, *To Kill a Mockingbird*
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