[Bloominglabs-announce] Hello! -- Kid Projects?

Mark W. Marasch mwm at theartofdiesel.com
Mon Sep 23 20:45:02 EDT 2013


My kids and I visited Bloominglabs for the first time last week, and we 
were quite impressed.  We met a number of nice intelligent people in an 
informal atmosphere with an eclectic group of projects and technologies 
represented.  Very cool!

My children Mitchell (14) and Morgan (13) are home schooled and we are 
looking for learning opportunities.  The best way to learn anything is 
by doing it!  Are there any cool projects that the kids can get involved 

I'd like to avoid overly-organized, centrally-planned (and thus limited) 
projects.  Going in a more free-form direction could lead to something 
that is much more more interesting.

If there aren't any pre-existing projects for kids being done in this 
environment, we'd like to get some kids together and brainstorm a 
project that they could work on.  If there's interest, I'm willing to 
organize and facilitate.


Mark W. Marasch
mwm at theartofdiesel.com

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