2014 South Rogers Warehouse Move

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We have signed our new lease and informed our current landlord we are moving out. We have access to our current space through the end of July. Our new lease begins August 1st however we have access to the new space starting the week of July 1. If we aim to do the bulk of the weekend of July 26th that will give us the last week of July to clean up the old location.

Quick list of changes

This is a list of things we need to do to the warehouse so that we can move in and be able to operate as we currently do. We can divide out the larger projects in their own sections down below.

  • Wall to separate office/clean room area from the workshop
  • Electrical - at least three 220v outlets, plus more 110v outlets in the workshop
  • Lighting - we need more fluorescent lighting, what is in there is ok but not enough
  • Exhaust hole for the laser cutter - exhaust vent in 2nd non-bathroom should work for this

Additional changes

  • physical security - spend an hour or two reinforcing the doors with simple but effective security upgrades (security strikes, 3" screws, reinforcement plates, etc.)
  • Air conditioning - if we can get by this August without it then we can save up over the next year for this


We need to section the warehouse into at least 2 or more rooms so we can have a quiet/clean room area and the noisy/messy workshop area.

Supplies we need:


In this spreadsheet is a map of the breaker box plus an itemized list of electrical changes we should consider making. The photo is a physical map showing where each current outlet and junction box (minus anything hiding in the bathrooms).

File:Breakerbox+wiring changes.xls

Physical wiring map

Supplies we need:

  • 12Ga stranded THHN wire
  • 10Ga stranded THHN wire
  • 30A 12/3 Romex (3 conductor copper cable plus ground wire)
  • Two more 3 conductor 30A 220v wall outlets
  • 20A 12/2 Romex (2 conductor copper cable plus ground wire) a LOT of this
  • outlet boxes (steel) with faceplates
  • conduit pipe - enough to match all of the romex wire we install
    • conduit box fittings
    • conduit elbows
    • conduit hangers
  • conduit splice connectors


We have 18 8' fluorescent light fixtures plus additional 14x 48" 4-bulb fixtures available to install where needed.

Air Conditioning

By the numbers it looks like we need a 100k BTU AC unit (8 tons) to cool the entire space. Since that is getting pretty pricey, we might consider just cooling the office/clean room areas. This would get us down to potentially a 4 ton AC unit. More info on AC sizing here.

Based on the formula from the link above,

Square footage: 1500
multiplyer	: 25
Number of people: 30
Number of windows: 2
Min BTU's: 51500 ~ 4 to 5 Tons
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