Ceiling Modifications

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Ideas for improving our efficient use of space through ceiling modifications.


  • Hanging ladders(Nathan has already proven this works)
  • Hanging bicycle storage
  • Mounting one of the large projectors
  • Suspending a couch
  • Ceiling tent/hammock(not that sleeping at the space wants to be encouraged just a neat idea)
  • Pullup bar
  • Trapeze-type setup
  • Other forms of hanging storage i.e. cargo nets, rotating assemblies, racks, boxes, milk crates, etc
  • Another large metal shelf
  • Cardboard Favela aka "Secret Beer Garden"
  • Pulldown powerstrips - (Nathan has 6 of these whenever someone wants to install them)
  • Movable lighting
  • Loft on hangout side
  • Storage for long objects i.e. pvc pipe, conduit, siding, etc

Implementation Notes

  • Pulleys are much cheaper from Lowes/Menards than Bloomington Hardware
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