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Original Flowergear

At some point, Joe made our cool blooming-gear logo. You are looking at it now, on the right.

If you want a really good SVG of the flowergear, maybe ask Joe.

Bloominglabs with Flowergear

If you want images like this,
then just download and use that PNG. If you want a half-decent SVG I made of the flowergear, find it in this zip file.

With Final Frontier Font

Created by Jenett with the font "Final Frontier".

This is very large because it is 9 feet long and 120dpi.

After ILF 2011, we have our first real banner:


DAKMH reworked the gears for use as physical objects, including badges for the first Makevention (2013) and revised the logo to include those. The versions based on that are:

Current BloomingGear

Finally, DAKMH provided images of just the gear.


In 2016, DAKMH designed an updated logo for Bloominglabs t-shirts.

Bloominglabs-logo ShirtPrint test1f large.png
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