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Original Flowergear


At some point, Joe made our cool blooming-gear logo. You are looking at it now, on the right. If you want a really good SVG of the flowergear, maybe ask Joe.

Bloominglabs with Flowergear


If you want images like this, then just download and use that PNG. If you want a half-decent SVG I made of the flowergear, find it in File:Bloominglabs-logo.zip this zip file.

With Final Frontier Font


Created by Jenett with the font "Final Frontier".


The full-size image is very large because it is 9 feet long and 120dpi.

After ILF 2011, we have our first real banner.

DAKMH reworked the gears for use as physical objects, including badges for the first Makevention (2013) and revised the logo to include those. The versions based on that are:

Current BloomingGear


Finally, DAKMH provided images of just the gear.

Bloominglabs-logo ShirtPrint test1f large.png

In 2016, DAKMH designed an updated logo for Bloominglabs t-shirts.


Created by avh.on1 in the wee hours of the morning on 4 July 2017 from DAKMH's new t-shirt logo. First, the gears in the logo were separated using Inkscape. Then the animation was created with SIML by editing the svg file in a text editor.

The gif animation seen here was rendered in aniGen, stitched in ImageJ, and optimized with gifsicle.

Here is the original SVG file.

Unfortunately, SIML may be killed off by Google in the future, so this may eventually need to be reimplemented using CSS or javascript.

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