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Mon Nov 28 15:34:08 EST 2011

We're going to be holding a free workshop, open to the public, at Wednesday
night's meeting starting at 7pm. Check out the announcement below and hope
to see you there!



Smart Materials for DIY Projects

OpenMaterials (oM) is a collective research project dedicated to gathering
and sharing data on uses and production methods of materials. Even though
oM experiments with a wide range of materials and techniques, from
paper-based electronics to homemade plastics, our efforts have focused
mostly on smart materials not only as one of the most promising areas of
materials science, but also as the one where the least amount of
information is publicly available.

In this demo lab, I'll describe, demonstrate, and explain where to source a
selection of smart materials which are simple enough to be used on DIY
projects: quantum tunneling composite, conductive adhesives,
electrotextiles, thermosensitive pigments, conductive plastics, shape
memory polymers, photochromic pigments, polymers and textiles. We'll also
discuss more mundane materials such as different types of plastics and
materials appropriate for digital fabrication.

Catarina Mota | openMaterials.org
Catarina is co-founder of openMaterials (a research group dedicated to
collecting and sharing data on uses and production methods of materials),
of altLab (Lisbon's hackerspace), of fabriCulture (a project dedicated to
promoting open source digital fabrication and maker culture in general),
and a member of NYCResistor. She's also a PhD student researching social,
cultural and political aspects of open source hardware and digital
fabrication, a visiting scholar at ITP-NYU, and a fellow of the National
Science and Technology Foundation of Portugal. Her maker activities center
mostly around smart materials and digital fabrication. More info at
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