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00:08, 24 September 2023Bransonic-12.jpeg (file)61 KBAvh.on1 (photograph of the Bransonic 12 Ultrasonic Cleaner with its lid on)1
06:06, 14 September 2023Silhouette-cameo.jpeg (file)32 KBAvh.on1 (photograph of the Silhouette Cameo, with its lid closed)1
04:14, 13 September 2023Silhouette-ballpoint-pen-bic-cristal-printer-paper-p01-s30.jpg (file)703 KBAvh.on1 (Successful pen plotting settings for the Silhouette Cameo)1
01:18, 13 September 2023Silhouette-adjusting-blade-depth.gif (file)114 KBAvh.on1 (Animation illustrating how to adjust the blade depth of the Silhouette Cameo's official knife cartridge.)1
17:46, 28 June 2023Knee milling machine.jpg (file)143 KBApple (Knee Milling Machine)1
17:15, 28 June 2023Reidrfase grinder.jpg (file)29 KBApple 1
21:55, 23 February 2022BloominglabsMembershipForm-1.7.pdf (file)61 KBApple (Bloominglabs membership form 1.7)1
21:40, 24 November 2021Bloominglabs-logo-nobg-v2.png (file)6 KBDosman (Updated version of our logo which has working gear teeth.)1
02:05, 22 November 2021Dokuwiki-acl-example.png (file)50 KBAvh.on1 (An example screenshot of an Access Control List in Dokuwiki, with numbers edited in next to each rule. The rules in this list are explained [ here on DokuWiki's ACL page]. This image re-uploaded from [https:...)1
17:05, 21 November 2021Silhouette-inserting-blade-cartridge.gif (file)142 KBAvh.on1 (reduced file size with visually-acceptable lossy compression from
16:47, 21 November 2021Silhouette-adjusting-generic-blade-depth.gif (file)66 KBAvh.on1 (reduced size (without degrading quality) by optimizing transparency with
21:07, 27 October 2021Makerfarm Firmware Guide.pdf (file)378 KBAvh.on1 (instructions for installing and configuring the firmware on the Makerfarm 12-Inch Pegasus)1
21:02, 27 October 2021MakerfarmPegasusDirectDE.stl (file)1.31 MBAvh.on1 (Extruder block for the Makerfarm Pegasus 12-Inch 3d printer's extruder. This part is fragile and has been reprinted several times.)1
20:55, 27 October 2021Pegasus Single Extruder.pdf (file)1.7 MBAvh.on1 (Assembly instructions for the extruder that came with the Makerfarm Pegasus 12-Inch 3D printer kit)1
20:51, 27 October 202112 Pegasus Frame v2.pdf (file)1.28 MBAvh.on1 (Build instructions for the V2 frame of the Makerfarm 12-Inch Pegasus 3D printer)1
20:41, 27 October 202112 Pegasus Printer.pdf (file)8.2 MBAvh.on1 (Assembly instructions for the Makerfarm 12-Inch Pegasus. Archived from [ google drive].)1
21:09, 20 October 2021Makerbot Digitizer Manual.pdf (file)4.19 MBSherman 1
21:05, 8 September 20212021 Summer Workshops.pdf (file)147 KBSdcharle (2021 Flyer)1
16:20, 23 August 2021Arduinoworkshop.png (file)904 KBBecks (Arduino with a Hello World display on a breadboard.)1
23:34, 19 August 2021Makevention-2021-FLYER-D.png (file)614 KBDosman (Makevention 2021 flyer)1
15:22, 11 August 2021Thread chart.jpg (file)2.22 MBApple 1
15:10, 16 July 2021Workshop Invoice.docx (file)36 KBBecks 1
14:48, 29 June 2021Bloominglabsaerial.png (file)1.46 MBBecks 1
14:46, 29 June 2021Bloominglabs aerial.png (file)1.46 MBBecks 1
01:07, 5 June 2021Solderdice.png (file)266 KBBecks (Electronics board with 7 LEDs.)1
22:41, 3 June 2021July 11 welding.jpg (file)161 KBBecks (Stick weld tiny table with "July 11th 1PM" written across it with weld.)1
02:15, 22 April 2021TireHeavyBag.jpg (file)114 KBBecks 1
02:10, 22 April 2021Plant Tower.jpg (file)124 KBBecks 1
02:04, 6 April 2021PRO-10 lockpick Kit.png (file)680 KBBecks 1
02:04, 6 April 2021Basic lockpick Kit.jpg (file)124 KBBecks 1
05:22, 12 March 2021Origamibunnies.jpg (file)83 KBBecks 1
19:50, 10 March 2021Scanner.png (file)28 KBKevinr 1
19:04, 5 November 2020Qrcode 3Dprinting.png (file)4 KBDosman (QR code for the 3D printing guide (not the quick-start guide))1
16:59, 5 November 2020Qrcode 3d-printering-quickstart.png (file)6 KBDosman (QR code for the 3D Printering Quickstart Guide.)1
15:53, 5 November 2020Qrcode anycubic-i3-mega.png (file)4 KBDosman (QR code linking to the anycubic i3 mega 3d printer page)1
15:37, 5 November 2020Anycubic-I3-Mega.jpg (file)89 KBDosman (Anycubic I3 MEGA 3D printer)1
14:10, 31 March 2020Mill oiling chart.png (file)274 KBDosman (Mill oiling chart)1
14:08, 31 March 2020Mill-info diagram.png (file)299 KBDosman (Milling machine info diagram)1
16:59, 22 March 2020Shield laser template v15-blabs-elastic headband v02.svg (file)5 KBDosman 1
16:54, 22 March 2020Shield laser template v15-blabs-face shield v02.svg (file)14 KBDosman (Covid19 face shield laser cut files)1
16:53, 22 March 2020Shield laser template v15-blabs-elastic headband v02-x10.svg (file)20 KBDosman (Covid19 face shield laser cut files)1
17:35, 21 March 2020Masks.png (file)845 KBJtillots 1
17:04, 18 October 2019Boominglabs.jpg (file)164 KBJtillots (Boominglabs Halloween flyer)1
17:16, 5 October 2019Scribblebots.jpg (file)100 KBJtillots 1
14:53, 5 October 2019Boominglabsposter1.png (file)1.37 MBDfrewEnigma (Flier for the 2019 Boo!minglabs event. )1
02:11, 2 October 2019BindExample0.jpeg (file)308 KBBecks (Book Binding Workshop)1
02:09, 2 October 2019BindExample2.jpeg (file)224 KBBecks (Book Binding Workshop)1
02:05, 2 October 2019BindExample1.jpeg (file)173 KBBecks (Book Binding Workshop)1
15:17, 26 September 2019Qrcode vulcanus.png (file)2 KBDosman (QR code with a link to the vulcanus wiki page)1
15:04, 26 September 2019Vulcanus slic3r (file)2 KBDosman (Vulcanus 3D printer config file for slic3r)1

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